Fall Postpartum Support Group

Postpartum Support Group

Helping you develop mindfulness and self compassion skills to help you be a kinder, happier person and parent.


It’s that time again! I am all settled in my new office, so I am starting the postpartum support group again. This is a closed postpartum group, so you must register for the group ahead of time (rather than the usual pop in style group). This is because it’s a therapeutically focused group and people generally feel more comfortable sharing when they have created some type of a relationship with the people in the group. So if you are interested, please send me an email at Jessica.Scales@nextleveltherapynw.com or click on the message me now tab at the top of the page.

When: Fridays from 1 to 2:30 pm starting October 27th the group will run for six weeks (skipping the Friday after Thanksgiving)

Where: My office at 33400 9th Ave South, Suite 116 in Federal Way

Cost: Most insurance is accepted. If paying out of pocket $25 a meeting. Some scholarships available. 

Babies are welcomed! This group does not restrict how young or old your baby must be.

This group is a great way to meet other parents who are in the thick of it with you and develop some helpful tools to survive this transition into the crazy and beautiful world that is parenthood. Space is limited, so please let me know if you are interested in joining us!


About Jascales

I am an Marriage and Family therapist and owner of Next Level Therapy, NW in Federal Way, WA.