Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find a therapist that’s right for me?

It is important to finding a therapist that is a good fit for you. You can begin this search by reading their website to see if their focus fits your needs. At Next Level Therapy, NW I focus is on helping individuals, couples, and families live the best life they can by being their best self, both personally and professionally. I also offer a free phone interview to assess whether I can best meet your needs. This is a great opportunity to explore fit. Call me at 206.486.4805 or email me at Jessica.Scales@nextleveltherapynw.com for more information.

What should I expect at the first session?

During the first session, you will complete paperwork about yourself, discuss what brings you in, and start establishing goals for therapy.

How long does therapy last?

Honestly, that depends.  Early on, you and I will develop goals (this will be our roadmap as we move forward) and you decide when you feel like you have met them. However, sometimes as you are working towards your goals, you may discover that you don’t really want that goal for yourself (maybe you’ve just been trying to be who others want you to be) or that it’s not the right time (other things in life have to take priority or you just aren’t ready to let go of that part of your life yet) and will decide that therapy is done without reaching your goal. That’s okay. Even though you did not reach your goal you learned a little more about what you want (or don’t want) for yourself and that is valuable.

What is your role as a therapist?

I see my role as a support, coach, and process consultant. If it was so easy to do things differently or think about things from a different perspective, you probably wouldn’t be looking for a therapist. Once you define your goals, I will help you get there and sometimes that means pointing out that you are trying to keep yourself in your comfort zone. Something that you and I will explore early on is the pattern you currently go through and how that is keeping you from your goal. We will brainstorm a new pattern to see if that helps you reach your goal and my job will be to point out when you are sneaking back into the old pattern rather than trying the new one. This often leads to valuable conversations about why you are staying inside your comfort zone and what you can do about it.

Do you accept my insurance?

Currently, I accept several major insurance carriers. Please contact me for additional information as I am continuously adding new carriers all the time. If I do not accept your insurance, I can look into your out-of-network provider benefits for you. You can also utilize your Health Savings Account to pay your deductible or pay for therapy if you wish to pay out of pocket.

What’s the benefit to paying out of pocket?

In order for your insurance to cover therapy services, you have to be diagnosed with something. You might not be comfortable with a mental health diagnosis being a part of your medical history or you might just want someone to bounce ideas off of but don’t feel like “disorder.” Also, if you are looking to come in for couples therapy, many insurance companies won’t pay for couples therapy, so one of you will have to be the identified “client” and receive a diagnosis that fits for why you are seeking therapy. This can sometimes exaggerate the conflict that is already bringing you in for therapy, because now your partner feels like there is “professional proof” that you are causing all of the problems in the relationship (However, I see the “client” as the relationship, not just your or your partner.)

Explain more about the relationship is the client, if I come in for couples therapy…

This means that I focus on you and your partner as a relationship rather than just as individuals. The relationship will have a goal and direction for therapy that you both agree on. This also means that I have a no secrets policy, so if one of you shares something individually with me and it is contributing to the relationship concern or keeping the relationship from reaching the goal, I will work with you to share this secret with your partner or discuss ending therapy.