Couples Therapy

Remember how you first felt when you started dating- now fast forward and now you are wondering what happened. Maybe you’ve been together for years, you’ve had kids, or you just don’t feel like you are the same person you were when you got together (or maybe it’s them who has changed). Often, when life happens and we haven’t had the time to focus on our relationship (like you did in the beginning) making us feel disconnected from our partner or a lack of passion for the relationship. You and your partner might be at  loss as to how to recharge the relationship and feel like a team again, or maybe you or your partner are at the point of thinking about is this relationship still what I want.

Couples therapy allows you and your partner to take time away from your busy lives to do relationship maintenance. If you stop changing the oil in your car eventually you are going to have issues. Couples therapy is a way to create a plan to care for your relationship just as you would care for your car. Maybe this means working on communication or figuring out ways to have fun together again. I work with both of you to figure out what you need from each other, how to ask for what you want, and how to listen one another.

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Free Interest Consultation Schedule a free 30 minute interest consultation by calling 206.486.4805 or by emailing to determine if you would like to take the next step with me.

Investment: $100 for 50 minutes or $150 for 90 minutes. I am is committed to working with motivated people, so if you would like to schedule a session but cannot afford the full amount, please contact me about a sliding scale option.

Insurance: I do accept insurance. Please contact me at to inquire about mental health services covered by your insurance.