Pregnancy/ Postpartum Support

Pregnancy Support: Whether your pregnancy was planned or not, it’s a big deal! Pregnancy and becoming a parent is a lot to process and can bring up our past (both the good and the bad) which may cause an increase in anxiety. There are numerous studies on the power of the mind/body connection, so by taking some time to process this important life transition you could have a more enjoyable pregnancy and possibly an easier birth.

I will support you during this transition by listening to your hopes and fears surrounding your pregnancy and help you feel empowered as you move forward. I can help you develop relaxation techniques that will help you during the pregnancy, birth, and parenthood.

Postpartum Support: Giving birth often leads to a wide range of emotions from joy and excitement to fear and anxiety. For some it is quite the roller coaster while for others it’s numbing or filled with irritation and resentment.

Many mom’s experience “the baby blues” which may include mood swings (the roller coaster of emotions), crying spells, difficulty sleeping, and increased anxiety. You might start feeling this way a few days after giving birth and may feel these symptoms go away after a couple of weeks.

If your baby blues seem more severe and last longer than a couple of weeks, you might be experiencing postpartum depression. This is by no means a reflection of your ability to be a mom or how much you care for your baby. It is often a side effect of the birthing process and/or various stress factors in your life. I offer postpartum support to help you manage your symptoms and start enjoying your new baby!

Postpartum support is also important for couples. I work with couples as they step into their new roles as parents while helping them continue to connect and work as a couple. Having a strong relationship with your spouse will help both of you transition as parents and provide a solid foundation for your new family.

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